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About Us

While working for one of the world's largest firms, founding partners Gary Wargo and Gary Walker, realized that the large firms, with their various divisions, was evolving into a cookie cutter approach to financial advising.  Each client's independent and unique situation was being pigeon holed and ignored.  The industry was moving away from holistic, wealth management to just asset gathering.  The two had each entered this industry to assist people in achieving their financial goals, and this approach was moving away from the vision that they shared.  In April 2012 the two started meeting regularly.  In August 2012 they left that large firm and started Mid Georgia Financial Group. Opening their office in McDonough, Georgia. A fully independent wealth management firm.  Their guiding principle was to not concentrate on gathering assets, but reduce fees to a reasonable level, advise the client. Grow and protect their assets and "love the ones we are with".  Concentrating on client service.  Putting our client's first, and never accepting gifts, dinners, trips or other incentives to invest in certain companies.  No subsidiaries or parent company.  Our client is our only concern.  Answering our own phones.  Answering emails by days end and returning any messages. Adopting the philosophy of 'in today out today".  If paperwork, an email or request comes in and we are still in the office.  We do not wait until the morning, we handle it today.  "In today Out Today" and "Love the ones you're with" have been our guiding principles from day one.  And from day one we have been involved in our local communities.  Paying it forward, and doing what we can to be a good neighbor. 

Operating this way worked even better then we anticipated.  The firm started to grow quickly.  As we added staff, who shared our approach.  Within 3 years we had grown beyond middle Georgia and had clients in 9 states.  In August 2014 Gary Walker announced that he wished to retire from the industry at the end of the year and pursue other ventures.  So, on December 31, 2014 we said goodbye to Mr. Walker.  The company maintained the same philosophy that we stared the firm with.  ​

Growth continued and by June 2018 Mid Georgia Financial Group, LLC was now able to boast clients in 18 states and over 1500 clients.  

As the company continued to grow far beyond middle Georgia, Gary Wargo and the company officers had contemplated changing the company name.  This decision came to a head after COVID.  Due to our approach to wealth management, which had never changed from the beginning,  Mid Georgia Financial Group nearly doubled in size from January to July 2020.  After conducting market and client surveys.  The decision was made in October 2020 that on January 1, 2021 Mid Georgia Financial Group, LLC would be changed to Blueprint Financial Solutions.

In 2012 the name Mid Georgia Financial Group was chosen after looking at a map of Georgia and plotting out where the majority of our clients lived...middle Georgia.  By 2021 we needed a name that more accurately reflected what we actually do as a firm.  We work with people to create a blueprint to achieving their financial goals.  Blueprint Financial Solutions.  


Home Office 1.jpg
Office 2012-2015
125 Westridge Ind Blvd
McDonough, GA 
101 Hampton Street.jpg
Office 2015-2020
101 Hampton Street
McDonough, GA
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.jpg
Office 2020 
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
McDonough, GA

Thank You To Our Clients

Our Clients Come First

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